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About Alpha Omega

Alpha Omega Management Consultancy  is a professional firm offering advisory services to help its clients with meeting their Anti-Money Laundering obligations under the UAE AML law and regulations. We have professionally qualified staff with over 27 years of experience in financial services covering compliance and financial  risk management. We have an in-depth knowledge and experience of UAE AML regulations as well as the international AML regulations and best practices. Our staff is experienced in setting up the AML functions, policies and procedures and meeting the ongoing obligations under the UAE AML regulations. We offer our services to help your business meets its legal obligations under the regulations.

What is

Anti-Money Laundering (AML)

AML stands for Anti-Money Laundering. It refers to a set of laws, regulations, and procedures that aim to prevent criminals from disguising illegally obtained funds as legitimate income. Money laundering is the process of converting “dirty” money obtained from criminal activities, such as drug trafficking or fraud, into “clean” money that can be used without raising suspicion.

AML covers 4 types of criminal activities:
1. Money Laundering
2. Terrorist Financing
3. Proliferation financing
4. Sanction Evasion

AML regulations require businesses to establish internal procedures for detecting and reporting suspicious activities or transactions that could be related to money laundering, terrorist financing, proliferation financing, or sanction evasion. These regulations also require businesses to conduct customer due diligence and risk assessments to identify potential money laundering risks ( including terrorist financing, proliferation financing, and sanction evasion risk ). Failure to comply with AML regulations can result in severe penalties, including fines and legal sanctions.

Protecting the Global Economy: Empowering Businesses with Cutting-Edge Anti-Money Laundering Services

Securing Industries:

Our Anti-Money Laundering Services for Diverse Sectors

Auditors and accountants
Real estate agents and brokers
Dealers in precious metals and stones (DPMS)
Company and Trust service providers
Lawyers, notaries and other legal professionals and practitioners

Our Services

We offer comprehensive anti-money laundering (AML) compliance services to strengthen your compliance efforts. From setting up AML risk management frameworks to staff training, gap analyses, outsourced services, and independent reviews, we provide tailored solutions. With our expertise and commitment to regulatory compliance, we empower organizations to detect and prevent financial crimes and maintain a strong culture of compliance. Trust us as your AML compliance advisor and partner for a secure future.

Why Choose Us


Deep knowledge and experience in anti-money laundering.

Proactive Risk Management

Stay ahead of evolving money laundering techniques

Tailored Solutions

Customized strategies to address your specific needs.

Compliance & Efficiency

Achieve regulatory compliance with streamlined processes.

Advanced Technology

Cutting-edge tools for effective detection and prevention.

Client Satisfaction

Strong track record of delivering results and exceeding expectations.

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